Project, Key Personnel, and Funding

RCN-UBE: Engaging Educators in Developing and Using Molecular Case Studies at the Interface of Biology and Chemistry (2020 to~2025)

Mission: This proposal aims to grow and sustain a community of  biology and chemistry educators interested in promoting student understanding and appreciation of the  molecular basis of biological phenomena with relevance to real world problems and their solutions.

Funding: NSF Award DBI 2018884 (Link to NSF)

Steering Committee:

Steering Committee 2021

Advisory Board:

2021 Steering Committee

RCN-UBE Incubator: Preparing a Network to Develop Molecular Case Studies at the Interface of Biology and Chemistry; 2018-2021)

Mission: To assemble a new network (Molecular CaseNet); for developing molecular case studies at the interface of biology and chemistry, discussed in atomic detail; and engaging educators in using them for undergraduate level biology, chemistry, and biochemistry instruction.

Funding: NSF Award DBI 1827011 (Link to NSF)

Steering Committee:

Kimberley Cortes Shuchismita Dutta Henry Jakubowski Melanie Lenahan David Marcey Pat Marsteller Cassidy Terrell
Kennesaw State University, GA Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, NJ College of Saint Benedict, St John’s University, MN Raritan Valley Community College, NJ California Lutheran University, CA Emory College of Arts and Sciences, GA University of Minnesota, Rochester, MN

 Advisory 2018-19