Molecular CaseNet Events




  • Biome Institute (Summer 2020 and 2020 Fall working Groups)
    • Several members of the FMN participated in the summer workshop to share their experiences about using molecular case studies and learning from others in the community.
    • Shuchismita Dutta facilitated discussions in 2 working groups - Developing Introductory tutorials; and Students Writing Cases
  • Friday Visualization Conversations (Organized by, on Nov. 20, 2020) (Flyer)
    • Shuchismita Dutta gave a presentation to UG faculty interested in promoting Molecular Visualization Literacy.
  • QUBES FMN (Molecular CaseNet Spring 2020; Mentor- Shuchismita Dutta)
    • Goal was to review the draft molecular case studies and pilot them in classrooms, revise the cases based on discussions and publish them on QUBES and Molecular CaseNet.
    • In addition to publishing cases - 2 participating faculty tried to engage their students in writing molecular case studies.


  • ASCB/EMBO meeting (Meeting website; Washington DC, Dec. 7-11) [Pictures]
    • Poster by Melanie Lenahan; Title: Molecular Case Studies: At the Interface of Biology and Chemistry on Dec. 8 to engage with participants and introduce Molecular CaseNet
  • NABT Meeting (NABT2019Program, Nov 14-17)
    • Poster by David Marcey; Title: Molecular CaseNet: Developing Case Studies Using Molecular Representations for use in Introductory Chemistry, Biology, and Biochemistry Classes on Nov 16 to promote Molecular CaseNet
  • Community College Community Presentation (C2 Summit for Pedagogical Advancements in STEM, RVCC NJ, Oct. 18)
    • Melanie Lenahan and Shuchi Dutta introduced Molecular CaseNet to community college educators in NJ
  • NCCSTS Fall Conference (2019 Conference Program, Buffalo NY, Sep 27) [Pictures]
    • Shuchi Dutta presents Molecular CaseNet and molecular case studies
  • QUBES Summer workshop (Evolution of Data in the Classroom: From Data to Data Science, 2019; Williamsburg VA, July 2019) [Pictures]
    • Shuchismita Dutta and Pat Marsteller present session titled "Molecular Case Studies: Analysis at the Interface of Biology and Chemistry" on July 15, 2019 to introduce Molecular CaseNet and engage with participants. Met several faculty in the following working group who stayed connected to author molecular case studies in Fall 2019.
  • MCN hosted workshop (Atlanta workshop, hosted by Pat Marsteller in Emory University, GA, May 4, 2019) [Pictures]
    • Day-long presentation and discussions by Pat Marsteller, Henry Jakubowski, Kimberly Cortes, and Shuchismita Dutta to introduce Molecular CaseNet and to engage with faculty from different sub-disciplines.
  • EB-ASBMB Meeting (Orlando FL, Apr 6-9)
    • Poster by H. Jakubowski, Title: Molecular CaseNet: Developing case studies using molecular representations for use in introductory chemistry, biology and biochemistry classes
  • ACS Meeting (Orlando FL, Mar31-Apr 4)
    • Poster by K. Cortes; Title: Molecular CaseNet: Developing case studies using molecular representations for use in introductory chemistry, biology and biochemistry classes 


  • Molecular CaseNet Steering Committee Kickoff meeting (Rutgers University, Piscataway NJ Oct 26-27) [Pictures]