Waking up Anna (Student View)

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Authors: Kate O'Toole (Emory University, GA), and Shuchismita Dutta* (Rutgers University, NJ); *contact: sdutta@rcsb.rutgers.edu

Citation and Adaptations: doi:10.25334/Y88F-9279 || Adaptations: Available from Table 1 below || Instructors: Login for Teacher View and links to additional resources.

Work funded by NSF grant # DBI 1827011; 2018884


Video source: Emory University  “An antidote for hypersomnia”, by Baker and Eastman, published on Nov. 21, 2012 describing this treatment

Molecules Explored: GABA-A receptor, that forms part of an ion channel, either alone or in complex with various small molecular ligands and/or drugs regulating opening and closure of the ion channels.

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  • Keywords: GABA-A receptor; Flumazenil; GABA; agonist; antagonist; membrane channel; Chloride ions; hypersomnia, sleep
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  • Discipline(s): Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Genetics, and Molecular Biology
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Adaptation(s): Table 1

Authors+Date; DOI Title Adaptation Notes
Johnson, K. A.; June 2021; doi:10.25334/T9X9-K122 Waking up Anna - Adaptations and Conversion to Mol*

This adaptation reformatted some questions, broke the case into smaller parts (point values are provided), and converted the case to use Mol*.  

Note: All parts of the case study have been included in a single document for easy downloading.