A Case of Severe Insulin Resistance (Student View)

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 Authors: Melanie Lenahan (Raritan Valley Community College, NJ), and Shuchismita Dutta* (Rutgers University, NJ); *contact: sdutta@rcsb.rutgers.edu

Citation and Adaptations: doi:10.25334/DTTA-WW18 || Adaptations: Available from the table below. || Instructors: Login for Teacher View.

Work funded by NSF grant # DBI 1827011; 2018884

Image source: This image was created for this case in Molecular CaseNet. Please cite the case if you copy, post, or share it.

Molecules explored: The key molecules explored here include inactive Akt-2 kinase protein and its activated complexes with substrates bound to the protein.





Authors+Date; DOI Title Adaptation Notes
Johnson, K. A., July 2021; doi:10.25334/FW9S-2G51 Mol* Adaptation: Case of Severe Insulin Resistance

Adaptation - student view

Note: All parts of the case study have been included in a single document for easy downloading.

This is an adaptation using Mol* on the original case written. This case focuses on understanding how a mutation in a cell signalling protein (a kinase) can prevent insulin function and lead to diabetes.