Piwi Matters (Student View)

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Authors: Laurel Lorenz (Princeton University, NJ), and Shuchismita Dutta* (Rutgers University, NJ); *contact: sdutta@rcsb.rutgers.edu

Citation and Adaptations: doi:10.25334/ZM3H-4149

Work funded by NSF grant # 1827011


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Case Overview

Complete Case for students of: Biology

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Resources to learn more

Question: Understanding the molecular basis for the YK mutant phenotype?
Biology Getting to Structure: Part 1: Getting to know Piwi (Sequence and Domains);
Molecular Exploration: Part 2: Exploring Piwi's Structure and Function; Part 3: Molecular Basis of the YK Mutant Phenotype
Modeling: Part 4: Structure Based Hypothesis Development  
Assessment: Piwi and Papi


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